What to pack for a Weekend Getaway

If you’re a college student like I am, you can understand the stressful atmosphere that there is right now as the spring semester is coming to a close. This means that grades will strat to become finalized and brought up are two words every student wished never existed; Final Exams. Well, what’s great about this is that there aren’t any more classes to deal with afterward unless that is, you are taking summer classes like I am. However, this shouldn’t stop you nor I from having a small getaway from academics and the general stress in life. Here are a few things that can make packing easier for that weekend getaway.

Graphic Tees and Bold Prints


I find that patterned clothing creates an illusion that I’ve actually put in effort into my outfit. It also saves time for me as I just match my top with a pair of jeans or a matching bottom. My favorite patterns and designs come from adidas. They are a sports-related brand but they are extending their clothing line to fashionable collections. You can read more about this “athleisure” trend in my article “What is athleisure?” The patterns are just something that I’ve yet to find elsewhere which is why I absolutely love the brand.


Vibrant colors and a flower and fruit motif make these track jackets an almost must-have for this spring and summer. These can be paired with the matching bottoms and shirt that you can buy separately or a white tank and jean shorts. You can even bring along only one or two pairs of jeans as it would still work well with the shirts and jackets. This would lighten up the weight of your luggage greatly. Saving time, being comfortable and still looking good should be the three things you should check for in packing clothing for a trip.

An Emergency/Essentials Pouch


I cannot stress enough how important an emergency bag is. Basically, it’s just a pouch filled with items that would be useful in emergencies. On numerous occasions, I’ve found myself in a hurry packing my bag with only a few items including my emergency pouch. There are pouches that can be purchased that already have the items within them or you can create your own. An example of ready-made emergency pouches are those created by Pinch Provisions. I’ve photographed a few of the items that I include in my pouch. Other items consist of hand sanitizer, extra phone charger, sewing kit and female hygiene products. I have two emergency pouches in which one I use in my school bag and the other in my everyday bags. Emergency pouches also make it easier in changing your bags as everything you need is in one pouch.

I’ll also mention that with the emergency pouch, I was able to save my aunt’s wedding dress when a sudden mishap occurred with her wedding dress. In conclusion, I remain my aunt’s favorite niece.



The sun can wreak havoc on the skin if you stay out too long in the sun. My skin tends to tan quite easily in the sun. Though this does not seem like a problem to some, tanning easily means discoloration for me. Which is why any season, sunscreen is a must to protect my skin. Also, if you’re heading to the beach, the sunscreen and sunglasses are laying on a towel bag. A towel bag is a towel that can convert itself into a bag to hold your essentials when you head to the beach. Though, I’d still recommend bringing a bag as when your towel gets wet your items would have nowhere to go.

Mini Backpack


I realized this during my previous trips to Last Vegas and that is that a bag can really change the aspect of your trip. During my last trip to Las Vegas, I carried around a small backpack yet it was heavy. Primarily to the fact that it was made out of leather and had heavy metal hardware accented around it. Then the Las Vegas trip before that, I carried a Loungefly Hello Kitty embossed bag. During both times I was struggling to carry my bag as the leather backpack was a hassle to carry around and the shoulder bag hurt my shoulders.

The Mini Fjallraven Kanken is something I should have discovered sooner. Now I know, many have seen this bag on numerous social media accounts or just the people that are around you. Let me say that this bag is worth it which is why so many people have it. I’ve had this bag for almost a year and yes, it has gotten dirty. The reason being, however, is that I use this bag every day. Whether it be going to get groceries or heading out with friends, I use this backpack all the time. The only time I don’t use it is when I go to school to study as I have to carry my laptop. The straps are perfectly fine and there’s no fraying in sight. The only fraying being the stitching around the logo as, again, I use this bag every day. The bag is durable, waterproof, incredibly light and can fit an arrange of things in its compartments. I plan to invest in another Fjallraven Kanken in pink, as it really is a good purchase.


With this, I hope that I can make your planned weekend getaway or short trip easier in the planning process. Remember, enjoy life even in the smallest amounts of time as it can still have a big impact on you.

With love,



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