5 Summer essentials that aren’t only for Summer

Summer is coming in less than two months but that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing now for those hot summer days! As I live in Florida, every day feels like a day in July but I know this can’t be said for other places. Here are the five things on my list that can help relieve those days along with other days of the year

  1. A waterproof watch


A good waterproof watch means that you won’t have to spend time taking off and on your watch when you’re close to the water. Now I know, the watch I am wearing is a Samsung Gear S2, an electronic watch. However, it’s waterproof! I highly recommend the Samsung Gear series not only is functional but also stylish. Also, the Samsung Gear watches aren’t limited only to android users as it’s also compatible with iPhone as well! Investing in a good watch has stopped me from spending money on cute watches that’ll only survive three days or less.

2. Sheer jackets20170411_153248

Jackets in summer? Yes, you read that right. It sounds almost as crazy as wearing an electronic watch by the pool but do hear me out. I’m wearing the Kauwela Sheer Track Jacket from the line adidas by Pharell Williams. I didn’t even feel like I was wearing a jacket while I was outside. I love this jacket primarily because of its uniqueness and how you’re still able to see the outfit I’m wearing. Sheer jackets can complete any look.





3. A convertible beach bag


Coming from a lunch on the way to the beach? A convertible beach bag can help alleviate the transition. Getting sand and debris mixed with the linen in your bag is not only annoying but can destroy the valuables you keep in there. By simply taking out the cloth pouch and removing the long strap, the bag I photographed becomes an all-purpose beach bag! You can leave the cloth pouch in a safe compartment in your car or simply tie the straps of the pouch close.



4. Flats

Look into any female’s closet, and there may just be a possibility that there will be a pair of flats. Whether you wear them with something formal or with your daily outfit, flats just make life easier for many of us. I wear flats whenever I want to seem like I’ve put effort into what I’m wearing (when really I haven’t).






5. A Polaroid camera

Having a Polaroid camera has made me cherish many of the moments I found as “photo-worthy.” Seeing a physical documentation of a picture is a great way to step away from taking out your phone often. Its also a fun accessory to wear whenever you’re heading out. Though I don’t bring my Polaroid camera everywhere I go, having a physical documentation of the special times i my life make me glad I have it.



Summer will be coming right before you know it, so why not make the best of it?

With love,



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  1. Your glittery polaroid camera is so cute !!

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    1. Thank you so much! 😀

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