Defining Asian-American Style

The University of Florida is an incredibly diverse campus. I’m originally from Miami, Florida and it’s also a very diverse city.  However, being a Filipino-American, I was a part of the small denomination of Asians throughout my secondary education. Now that I’m in college, I’m delighted to be around people that share the same culture with me and discovering more about others. With my fascination in fashion, I’ve also noticed the different styles that Asians dress in on campus.

One of my closests friends is Maria Yang and she embraces all characteristics of her Chinese culture even though she has assimilated to the United States. “China is more than just where I’m from,” Maria Yang said. “It’s a representation of who I am today.”

Thus, I’ve conducted an interview with her on her thoughts of Asian-American style.


Q: What do you think distinguishes Asian-American style from other styles?

A: “The thing that makes Asian-American style stand out among other styles is the fact that it’s an infusion of Eastern and Western. Hence, it can be interpreted in many ways by different Asians. All styles have their own unique twist of culture. For an Asian-American style, patterns and the structure in the clothing are what I tend to notice on many of the things that Asians wear.”

Q: I know that you’re Asian-American yourself, but do you describe your style as being under how you’ve described Asian-American style?

A: “I do like to think I’m in the category of Asian-American style. I honestly have to say that it all depends on my mood as well. Nudes and darks are my go-to when I’m in a hurry. However, when I have the time to dress up, I love pastels and bright colors.”



Q: How would you specifically describe your style?

A: “My style centers more on the casual side. I like wearing things that are comfortable but still stylish. When it comes to what’s on my clothes, intricate and whimsical designs suit me over bold statements. I’m not as out-there as to go to campus with layers of neon. I like to keep the style of accessories to match my clothing which means that I wouldn’t go for super striking earrings or gaudy necklaces.”

Q: Is there a person or a personal preference that has influenced your choice of clothes?

A: “My Chinese culture, mom, and the people around me have definitely influenced my taste in clothing. I also prefer to be comfortable whenever I pick out an outfit. I wouldn’t go for clothing that shows too much skin or is really tight. With that preference, I combine that with how I would describe my style and the result is my closet.”

Q: What do you think about the kind of apparel that Asians, in particular, wear on campus?

A: “I find that the Asians on campus have the best style on campus in terms of being comfortable and fashionable. They show off their personalities the best in the way that they dress.”

After several months of being placed in a city nowhere near what I’m used to, I admit that I also include people of my own in culture when I celebrate the diversity here. The reason being as that I’ve felt I’ve learned more about the people around me. Meeting people especially like Maria also leads me to believe that I’ve made the right decision in choosing where I wanted to study.

With love,



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