How my love for fashion started

I have to say that fashion wasn’t always an interest of mines in the beginning. Coming from a person who is writing their own fashion blog, this isn’t very normal. When I was younger, anything that covered me and was comfortable worked just fine. I also thought that as long as it got approval from my mother, it got approval from me as well. The only things I really liked back when I was young (and still now) was stationary and bags. Looking back, I really didn’t care about clothing.

Why did I start caring all of a sudden?

I started becoming more conscious of how I looked when I entered high school. Yes, being a freshman in high school and finally thinking about how I looked is a bit late. However, entering high school was a different experience for me. I attended a magnet art school in Miami so one could imagine the kind of people that attended there. Soon enough, being comfortable wasn’t the only concern I had shopping for clothing.

Another initiating factor that bestowed my interest of clothing was that I chose to be a part of the fashion program at my school. Though I didn’t care too much of what I wore, I loved to draw clothes when I was younger.  During a tour of the different programs in my high school, fashion stood out to me. They showed us, freshman, a video from the yearly fashion shows ran by the seniors. We then took a look at the classroom where all the work is created.


The amount of inspiration in that room brought me to truly admire the thought and work that went into clothing. Lines of sewing machines and rolls of fabrics were the first thing that caught my eye. However, the artwork pinned on the walls from previous students was the thing I loved the most out of that classroom. These pieces represented the imagination and conceptualization that went through the minds of these fashion students. Not to mention, it also showcased the amount of skill that they owned. Seeing this, it inspired me to try to get my work at a level like theirs. The image above had to be my favorite piece and it was made from a fashion student who had already graduated.


This was an illustration assignment that my class was assigned one day. I knew that these kinds of assignments would help me in improving my artwork.  Not only did we have to depict how the fabric laid on the model, we also had to make sure our proportions were correct. Behind the models, more illustrations can be seen displayed on the wall. In a way, with the artworks displayed there, it inspired not only myself but also my peers to work to get our art as good as our upperclassmen.

Now, I take into consideration every aspect of what I should wear. Clothing and accessories have become an extension of who I am. When others see me, the first thing they see is what I’d be wearing. Through that, I want others to see a hint of my personality. Being in college has also shown to prove that this is the same for many. As I go on the RTS, there are so many different styles that I notice. For some reason, I feel happy knowing that everyone is different in their own way.

I may not be currently studying art and fashion but this doesn’t mean that I don’t like it anymore. I’m proud to be studying journalism now and find that I can infuse my interest in fashion into my writing. Hence, the creation of this blog and my motivation to continue posting.

Curious to find out how others have fallen in love for fashion? Here’s a post by author Marlen Komar about her experience that I found to be very interesting.

With love,



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